Release Notes v21.22.1.148

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 10:30am


  • [PRIO-932] - Extend ReportDefinition model with additional metadata
  • [PRIO-950] - Pension Pay Instructions - Add support for pension schemes that allow simultaneous cash and percentage contributions.
  • [PRIO-964] - Add new data integrity rule to prevent initial SSP pay instructions below minimum absence duration
  • [PRIO-965] - Extend TransformDefinition model with additional metadata


  • [PRIO-960] - Apprenticeship Levy incorrect on P32
  • [PRIO-961] - EPS message YTD figures not respecting job instruction tax month
  • [PRIO-963] - AE Assessment - Employee getting included into pension when already a member
  • [PRIO-967] - PayRunWorker get stuck in an infinite loop when multiple pension pay instructions specify ER NI Savings