Release Notes v20.21.6.12

Monday, November 9th, 2020 12:00pm


  • [PRIO-852] - Update schema description for reporting output item: RenderDateAdd
  • [PRIO-853] - Extend "Sub Contractor" routes to include sub contractor Journal Lines
  • [PRIO-857] - Make the default system journal instructions optional
  • [PRIO-880] - Update furlough scheme closure date to reflect current legislation.


  • [PRIO-849] - Add Journals entities to API
  • [PRIO-850] - Create Journal "Expression" language to support journal generation
  • [PRIO-855] - Add statutory absence journal lines to default journal rules
  • [PRIO-856] - Add default journal instructions for Employment Allowance
  • [PRIO-862] - Create default journal instructions for Attachment of earnings
  • [PRIO-863] - Create new system journal instruction for court order admin fees
  • [PRIO-865] - Add journal instruction data integrity rules


  • [PRIO-864] - Reporting instruction link titles are incorrect