Release Notes v20.21.1.76

Monday, April 6, 2020 14:30 PM

Release Notes


  • [PRIO-773] - Updated Scottish Tax Bands effective 11th May 2020
  • [PRIO-779] - Update P45 pre-calc rule to consider existing P6 coding notice YTD values
  • [PRIO-780] - Add support for 0 waiting days for Covid-19 SSP
  • [PRIO-711] - Implement HMRC Scottish Tax Tests


  • [PRIO-774] - Changed P6 processing behaviour to treat taxable pay and tax paid as previous employment
  • [PRIO-775] - Inconsistency with [CarBenefitPayInstruction.EmployeeContributionPrivateUse] XSD and model inconsistency causes error when null is passed.
  • [PRIO-777] - RTI FPS band overflow - Employees switching between directorship can overflow the LEL FPS band
  • [PRIO-778] - SSP linked periods being blocked by minimum duration rule
  • [PRIO-781] - CIS Job fails with unclear error message when no Sub-Contractors in-scope. Extend error message for better clarity.