Release Notes v19.20.3.277

Wednesday, Jaunuary 15th, 2020 18:45


  • [PRIO-728] - New DIR rule to prevent updates causing overlaps to [SingleInstance] pay instructions


  • [PRIO-726] - Add rule to ensure SMP leave cannot start before 11 weeks prior baby due date.


  • [PRIO-727] - Net to Gross calculator - Divide by zero error when units set to zero
  • [PRIO-729] - Employer Jobs endpoint not returning errors in JobInfo array
  • [PRIO-730] - Metadata considered changed when it has no amendments
  • [PRIO-731] - DIR1101 The leaving date is before most recent pay run. - Being applied when leaving date not changed.
  • [PRIO-732] - Fix for unreported leavers with future leaving date in FPS message generation