Query Root

Query [Schema]

The data transfer object query. Written using the reporting query language definition. Represents the serialised reporting query used during report processing.

Name Type Required Description
RootNodeName xsd:string ( min: 3 max: 50)
Pattern: [A-Za-z0-9]*
yes The report root node name. Used for naming the root element of the report output.
SuppressMetricAttributes Query element of type:
no The suppress metric attributes option. Determines if the query result metric attributes should be excluded from the query results.
Namespaces Array of query element:
no The report output namespaces. The namespaces to be included in the report output root element.
Variables Array of query element:
no The report variables. Contains the pre-defined key value pair variables.
Required Array of query element:
no The required variable collection. Lists the variable names that must be present at the start of the report generation process.
Groups Array of query element:
yes The entity reporting groups. Lists the the entity reporting groups to be used during the report generation process.