Pay Line Rate

A PayLineRate record will be produced following the calculation of a RatePayInstruction or SalaryPayInstruction.

The PayLineRate line will record the meta-data used to make up the gross amount to be paid, specifically the "Unit of Measure" e.g. hour and the number of units. This information can then be displayed on the payslip to the employee to help describe how their pay has been calculated.

PayLineRate [Schema]

This type is readonly.

Name Type Description
Rate xsd:decimal The monetary rate used in the calculation.
RateUoM UomBasicPay The unit of measure that applies to the rate.
Units xsd:decimal The number of units used in the calculation.
ProRataMethodApplied ProRataMethod The pro-rata method used in the calculation.

Interits from: PayLine[Schema]

Name Type Description
PayLine PayLine
Description xsd:string ( max: 100) The description of the pay line displayed in the payslip report.
Calculator xsd:string ( max: 300) The name of a Calculator responsible for generating the pay line.
Generated xsd:dateTime The date and time the pay line was generated.
PayCode xsd:string ( max: 35) A loose linkage to the type of pay line and it's calculator treatment.
PayCodeType SystemCodeType The category of pay line.
Value Money The monetary value of the pay line; used in the net pay sum. Typically positive for payments and negative for deductions.
PaymentDate xsd:date The date the employees were paid in the pay run. Not applicable for year to date generated lines.
TaxYear xsd:integer The tax year the pay run was in.
TaxPeriod xsd:integer The tax period the pay run was in.
PayRunSequence xsd:integer The sequence number of the owning pay run.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PayLineRate xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "PayLineRate": {
    "Description": "string",
    "Calculator": "string",
    "Generated": "2022-01-25T00:00:00+00:00",
    "PayCode": "string",
    "PayCodeType": "NotSet",
    "Value": "123.99",
    "PaymentDate": "2022-01-25",
    "TaxYear": "123",
    "TaxPeriod": "123",
    "PayRunSequence": "123",
    "Rate": "123.99",
    "RateUoM": "NotSet",
    "Units": "123.99",
    "ProRataMethodApplied": "NotSet"