Pay Line Car Benefit

PayLineCarBenefit [Schema]

This type is readonly.

Name Type Description
TaxableVehicle Money The taxable amount of due on the benefit for the vehicle.
TaxableFuel Money The taxable amount of due on the benefit for fuel provided by the employer for private use.
VehicleRegistration xsd:string ( max: 10)
Pattern: [A-Za-z0-9 ]*
A unique identifier for the vehicle, typically the registration, for which the benefit applies.
CashEquivalentVehicle Money The annualised calculated cash equivalent benefit of the vehicle.
CashEquivalentFuel Money The annualised calculated cash equivalent benefit of the fuel provided by the employer.
DateRegistered xsd:date ( min: 1998-01-01) The date the vehicle was first registered. Calculations are only supported for vehicles registered after 1 Jan 1998. Required field from 2020/21 tax year onwards.
FuelType FuelType The fuel type of the company car.
ZeroEmissionsMileage xsd:integer ( min: 0 max: 9999) The published range of zero emission miles.

Interits from: PayLineBenefit[Schema]

Name Type Description
PayLineBenefit PayLineBenefit
TaxableAmount Money The taxable amount of due on the benefit.
AccountingMethod BenefitAccountingMethod The accounting method to use when reporting the benefit.

Interits from: PayLine [Schema]

Name Type Description"
PayLine PayLine
Description xsd:string ( max: 100) The description of the pay line displayed in the payslip report.
Calculator xsd:string ( max: 300) The name of a Calculator responsible for generating the pay line.
Generated xsd:dateTime The date and time the pay line was generated.
PayCode xsd:string ( max: 35) A loose linkage to the type of pay line and it's calculator treatment.
PayCodeType SystemCodeType The category of pay line.
Value Money The monetary value of the pay line; used in the net pay sum. Typically positive for payments and negative for deductions.
PaymentDate xsd:date The date the employees were paid in the pay run. Not applicable for year to date generated lines.
TaxYear xsd:integer The tax year the pay run was in.
TaxPeriod xsd:integer The tax period the pay run was in.
PayRunSequence xsd:integer The sequence number of the owning pay run.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PayLineCarBenefit xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "PayLineCarBenefit": {
    "Description": "string",
    "Calculator": "string",
    "Generated": "2022-01-12T00:00:00+00:00",
    "PayCode": "string",
    "PayCodeType": "NotSet",
    "Value": "123.99",
    "PaymentDate": "2022-01-12",
    "TaxYear": "123",
    "TaxPeriod": "123",
    "PayRunSequence": "123",
    "TaxableAmount": "123.99",
    "AccountingMethod": "P11D",
    "TaxableVehicle": "123.99",
    "TaxableFuel": "123.99",
    "VehicleRegistration": "string",
    "CashEquivalentVehicle": "123.99",
    "CashEquivalentFuel": "123.99",
    "DateRegistered": "2022-01-12",
    "FuelType": "NotSet",
    "ZeroEmissionsMileage": "123"