Pay Lines

PayLine objects are the immutable artifacts of a payroll calculation. They are directly linked to their parent Pay Instruction, it is the instruction that provides the context to calculator on how generate the resulting pay lines.

PayLine [Schema]

This type is readonly.

Name Type Description
Description xsd:string ( max: 100) The description of the pay line displayed in the payslip report.
Calculator xsd:string ( max: 300) The name of a Calculator responsible for generating the pay line.
Generated xsd:dateTime The date and time the pay line was generated.
PayCode xsd:string ( max: 35) A loose linkage to the type of pay line and it's calculator treatment.
PayCodeType SystemCodeType The category of pay line.
Value Money The monetary value of the pay line; used in the net pay sum. Typically positive for payments and negative for deductions.
PaymentDate xsd:date The date the employees were paid in the pay run. Not applicable for year to date generated lines.
TaxYear xsd:integer The tax year the pay run was in.
TaxPeriod xsd:integer The tax period the pay run was in.
PayRunSequence xsd:integer The sequence number of the owning pay run.

Descendants of PayLine

There a number of descendant flavours of the base PayLine, each provides additional meta-data about the particular type of calculation that was performed to generate the pay line.