Sub Contractor

Sub contractors represent a construction industry scheme contracted entity. They fill a simular role to an employee and have the capacity to store CIS instructions and CIS lines.

Represents a sub contractor revision. See revisible objects for more information on revisions and how they work.

SubContractor [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
EffectiveDate xsd:date yes The date the revision will come into effect.
NextRevisionDate xsd:date no The date the next revision is sequence comes into effect. Equals null if no superseding revision exists.
Revision Revision no The revision number of the sub contractor; this is a readonly system generated value.
TradingName CompanyName no The trading name of the sub contractor.
UniqueTaxReference UniqueTaxReference no The business unique tax reference number.
BusinessType xsd:string (enumeration)
  • SoleTrader
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Trust
yes The type of business sub contracted.
VatRegistered xsd:boolean yes Used to determine if the sub contractor business is registered for VAT.
VatRegistrationNumber xsd:string
Pattern: ^([GB])*(([1-9]\d{8})|([1-9]\d{11}))$
no The sub contractors' VAT registration number.
WorksNumber xsd:string ( min: 2 max: 20)
Pattern: [A-Za-z0-9\-\/ ']*
yes The works number used to identify the sub contractor within a payroll. (Required)
PaymentMethod PaymentMethod yes The sub contractor's preferred payment method.
PayFrequency SubContractorPayFrequency yes The sub contractor's tax period pay frequency.
TaxationStatus xsd:string (enumeration)
  • unmatched
  • net
  • gross
no The sub contractor's taxation method.
VerificationNumber xsd:string ( min: 11 max: 13)
Pattern: V[0-9]{10}[A-HJ-NP-Z]{0,2}
no The sub contractor's verification number.
VerificationDate xsd:dateTime no The sub contractor's date of verification.
Title Name no The sub contractor's formal title.
FirstName Name no The sub contractor's first name.
MiddleName Name no The sub contractor's middle name(s) (if any).
Initials Name no The sub contractor's initial, if not supplying a first name.
LastName Name no The sub contractor's last name or surname.
NiNumber NiNumber no The sub contractor's National Insurance number issued by HMRC.
Telephone Telephone no The sub contractor's telehone number.
CompanyName CompanyName no The company name if sub contractor type is company and company name differs from trading name.
CompanyRegistrationNumber xsd:string ( min: 2 max: 50)
Pattern: [A-Za-z0-9\-\/ ']*
no The companies house registration number if sub contractor type is company.
PartnershipName CompanyName no The partnership name if sub contractor type is partnership.
PartnershipUniqueTaxReference UniqueTaxReference no The partnership unique tax reference number if sub contractor type is Partnership.
Region CalculatorRegion yes The sub contractor's region which determines the correct calculators to be used.
Territory CalculatorTerritory yes The sub contractor's territory which determines the correct calculators to be used. Currently United Kingdom is the only supported territory.
Address Address no The sub contractor's address.
BankAccount BankAccount no The sub contractor's bank account details; used for BACS payments.
Deactivated xsd:boolean no Indicates if the sub contractor is deactivated. Deactivated sub contractor cannot be included in a calculation.
MetaData MetaData no The optional sub contractor meta data collection.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SubContractor xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <Item Name="string">string</Item>
  "SubContractor": {
    "EffectiveDate": "2022-05-25",
    "NextRevisionDate": "2022-05-25",
    "Revision": "123",
    "TradingName": "string",
    "UniqueTaxReference": "string",
    "BusinessType": "SoleTrader",
    "VatRegistered": "true",
    "VatRegistrationNumber": "string",
    "WorksNumber": "string",
    "PaymentMethod": "NotSet",
    "PayFrequency": "Monthly",
    "TaxationStatus": "unmatched",
    "VerificationNumber": "string",
    "VerificationDate": "2022-05-25T00:00:00+01:00",
    "Title": "string",
    "FirstName": "string",
    "MiddleName": "string",
    "LastName": "string",
    "Initials": "string",
    "NiNumber": "string",
    "Telephone": "string",
    "CompanyName": "string",
    "CompanyRegistrationNumber": "string",
    "PartnershipName": "string",
    "PartnershipUniqueTaxReference": "string",
    "Region": "NotSet",
    "Territory": "NotSet",
    "Deactivated": "true",
    "Address": {
      "Address1": "string",
      "Address2": "string",
      "Address3": "string",
      "Address4": "string",
      "Postcode": "string",
      "Country": "string"
    "BankAccount": {
      "AccountName": "string",
      "AccountNumber": "string",
      "SortCode": "string",
      "Reference": "string"
    "MetaData": {
      "Item": [
          "@Name": "string",
          "#text": "string"