Pay Run Flow API enables you to calculate payments and deductions for each tax reporting period of the financial year. The payroll calculations follow a repeating pattern, "rolling" from payment period to period. In the following examples we describe the process of set up and repeating the period calculation process. The process flow diagrams describe all the tasks you need to perform when running your payroll period to period.

Initial Set Up Process Flow

The first step is to insert the intial company, schedule and employee information.

Setup Tasks

  1. Employer details
  2. Pay Schedules
  3. Employee details
  4. Employee Pay Instructions
Start Has P ay Schedule to add ? Has employee to add ? End Yes No No Yes No Has Pay Instruction to add ? Yes Pay instructions represent the payment and deduction details for a individual employee Pay schedules are used to group employees by pay frequency and pay day . You can add as many schedules as required . Employer details hold the company PAYE scheme level details . Employee details hold personal details required to calculate payments and fulfil the HMRC reporting legislation . Insert Employer Details Insert Pay Schedule Insert Employee Insert Pay Instruction

Performing the Pay Run

The ongoing process (once the initial set up is complete) of payroll calculation involves updating employee detail changes. Once the period changes are inserted into the API, the next steps are: queue up calculation job, run reports and queue RTI submission job.

Tasks to repeat every period

  1. Select schedule
  2. Determine period dates and pay day
  3. Insert new joiners
  4. Update leavers
  5. Update any other employee changes
  6. Insert per period pay instructions
  7. Insert pay run job
  8. Run pay slip report
  9. Insert FPS job

The following diagram shows the task process flow needed each payment period.

Start Insert new Employee details New joiners in period ? New leavers in period ? Update employee leaver date and reason Other employee changes in period ? Update employee personal details Determine pay period dates and pay day Select pay schedule Insert or update pay instructions En - queue Pay Run job Wait for job to complete Job completed successfully ? En - queue RTI FPS job Wait for job to complete Job completed successfully ? Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes End Investigate failures and fix issues . No No Yes End any ongoing pay instructions The period start and end dates must match the schedule duration and follow on from the previous pay run Per period instructions should be added using the period start and end dates Submit pay run job instruction for schedule and period dates . Poll the job until the status is either success or failed Run pay slip report for period Investigate failures and fix issues .