Software Devlopment Kits


We currently maintain an official c# software development kit, it can be found on GitHub along with some example code. We'll be adding examples to this repository over time.

The main library (PayRunIO.CSharp.SDK) is packaged in a Nuget file and has three further dependencies; PayRunIO.Models, PayRunIO.Core.Enums and PayRunIO.OAuth1.

The latest packages are all available on

Package Description
PayRunIO.CSharp.SDK Provides helper classes for interacting with the API services over HTTP.
PayRunIO.Models Strongly typed data-objects for the domain.
PayRunIO.Core.Enums Dependency of PayRunIO.Models; provides all the enurmerations used in the domain
PayRunIO.OAuth1 Helper classes for building OAuth 1.0a headers.
PayRunIO.Utilities Utility classes for

Java SDK

We now offer a Java SDK; as with the C# SDK it contains strongly typed models and enum classes as well as helpers for supporting OAuth and RESTful HTTP requests.

The latest SDK package can be downloaded from Maven Central.

You can also download or contribute to the Java SDK directly on GitHub.

Other Languages

We are currently working with a number of partners and customers to provide example code and libraries in other langauges, namely Ruby, PHP and Node.js. If you would like examples in other languages please let us know and we'll do our best to help.