All communications should be over HTTPS, PayRun.io will only accept secure connections in both Test and Production environments.

We currently offer two API environments for you to use; test and production.


All applications should be developed against the test environment. The test environment is a fully functional mirror of the production environment, however usage is not chargeable and communications with 3rd parties such as HMRC's RTI gateway are automatically forwarded to their respective test endpoints.

There are also couple of restrictions to prevent abuse:

  1. API calls are limited to 10,000 requests in a rolling 30 day period.
  2. Only the data from current tax year will be maintained; all data will be purged at the start of the new tax year.

Test environment endpoint:



All usage in the production environment is chargeable - see pricing and charges page for full details.

Production environment endpoint:


Uptime Monitoring

We monitor and track the uptime of our services using a third party service - UptimeRobot. They publish a public status page for each of our environments.